I gotta get me one of these bad jimmies
for when WWIII starts.

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Your f*ckin dime would be the f*ck up if you got
hit by one of these mo fo’s.


Diabetics Rule!

It's Diabeetus, Bitch

This incredible picture was taken from the USS BENFOLD DDG-65.   Wouldn’t want to be on the receiving end of that.  Yo dime’s gonna be up real quick like you get hit by one of those!

Renee Zingwinger (or whatever her name is) has her own candy out now.  How appropriate!  Nice work Renee.  She’d still do in a pinch.

Renee Zingwinger

Extreme Sour Lemon

Clown Attack

Posted: April 27, 2010 in gifs, Misc. Humor, Your Dime's Up

Freaky little clown attacks.

Clown Attack

Little Snappin Bastid..

I guess my dime’s up..

Great picture.  This guy has some serious cajones.
Wonder how the landing is going to be with those sandals.

Fred Dobson, a student from Lyndon State College in North East Vermont,  shuts his eyes and prays on this little 10 foot spine cruncher out in the backwoods of Burke Mountain.   Picture is from 1990-ish.